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German Shepherd Puppies

The German shepherd is one of the most popular working dog breed. German Shepherd dog is must have breed for police or military squad due to his amazing courage and versatile nature. German shepherd may not be suitable for small living space. This Dog may not be the best fit for first time dog owner. German shepherds won’t tolerate loneliness. German shepherd dogs are capable of withstanding high cold or hot weather due their long hair. These dogs are highly sensitive nature, due to this these dogs are not good for first time or inexperienced dog owners.

German shepherd dogs show more affectionate towards his owner and also considered as kid friendly dog. GSD are not good dog friendly, they tend to show aggressiveness towards other dogs. German shepherd dogs are not friendly towards strangers, this behaviour makes them best fit for watch dogs

We can find both short and long haired dogs in GSD breed. Short coat GSD is most common and popular. GSD shed throughout the year hence, this breed required more grooming and maintenance. GSD are won’t tend to gain weight.

German Shepherd dogs are very intelligent dogs, this make them very easy to train. You can teach most popular tricks to GSD. These dogs are play-bite in nature, proper training is required to control this behaviour. GSD are not silent dogs, they have Tendency to bark or howl. GSD’s can be trained to do assistance work for the handicapped, search and rescue for police service, drug detections and competitive obedience. GSD’s has high energy level hence it is must to provide exercise daily.

Finally, are you looking for a loyal companion and beloved family member? GSD are the best! Go for it!

Popular GSD Mix

Breeders experiment cross-breeding GSD with many popular dog breeds such as German Shepherd Husky mix, German Shepherd Lab mix, German Shepherd Pitbull mix, German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix, German Shepherd mix, German Shepherd Rottweiler mix, German Shepherd Boxer mix, German Shepherd Wolf mix, German Shepherd Poodle mix, German Shepherd Border Collie mix, German Shepherd Chihuahua mix, German Shepherd Chow mix, German Shepherd Beagle mix, German Shepherd Doberman mix, Great Dane German Shepherd mix, German Shepherd Collie mix, German Shepherd Mastiff mix, German Shepherd Pomeranian mix, German Shepherd and Rottweiler mix, German Shepherd Malamute mix, German Shepherd Pug mix, German Shepherd Akita Corgi mix, German Shepherd Terrier mix, German Shepherd Dachshund mix

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