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Got puppy to sell? Get it in front of millions of dog lovers. Use BST pet classifieds to sell your puppy easily. Whether you're a Professional breeder or just a Hobby Breeder, BST is the best platform to sell your puppies online.

Proper Advertisement is one of the most important tasks for any dog breeder. You need to carefully advertise your puppies. For instance, many people do not trust breeders online Ads – make sure that you show you're a responsible, reliable breeder in online ads. Be accurate, avoid any spelling mistakes, and list all the necessary information for the puppy such as puppy breed name, bloodline, Diet, puppy health, immunization records, etc. Include several pictures of the puppy. Do not post same generic or stock images of puppy breed in your every Ad. Upload real picture of the puppy, which is available for sale or adoption. Prepare any necessary papers for the new puppy. Show your customer that the puppy is ready to be registered.

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