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FreeBinChecker is one of the best BIN checker service providers out there with over 600,000 records for the premium database and over 700,000 for the community version. To clearly understand the scope of their service, let?s together walk through some of the important concepts here

The arrangement of a payment card; be it a credit, debit, or prepaid

While the series of numbers appeared on a card in our hand would look like a none-sense group of digits, they surprisingly contain an in-depth amount of information that widely used for verification, validation, security reports, and payment processing purposes


Digit 1 ? The MII. This number shows the credit card's network issuer as below

Cards start with 6 as in 6xxx belong to Discover network issuer

Cards start with 4 as in 4xxx belong to Visa network issuer

Cards start with 5 as in 5xxx belong to Mastercard (MC) network issuer

Cards start with 3 as in 3xxx belong to American Express (Amex) network issuer

There are also smaller network issuers with their own MIIs but the above would make up over 90% of the issued cards all over the world


Digits 1-6 ? The IIN / BIN . These digits are of our interest here

The first six digits of the card number, including the MII, are called the IIN (Issuer Identification Number) or BIN (Bank Identification Number). With an up-to-date BIN or IIN database, a service provider can return all the information related to a BIN lookup. The information usually is but not litmited to

  •  Bank issuer name and their contact
  •  Card network name and their contact
  •  Country issuer name, currency, and its other information

Digits 7-15 ? The Account Number 

Digit 16 ? The Check Digiat

As time goes by, the BIN lookup for verification has also evolved. Currently, FreeBinChecker can lookup not only six but up to eleven digits on some of the issuers. This type of deep lookup would most likely return 100% accurate information in deeper details. Hence, on our web interface, our apps, our APIs, users can enter 6 up to 11 digits. Our BIN validating deep check would return multiple related entries for a given query, not just one monolithic one. This way a user can have a clear view of what?s really going on of the payment card being checked on

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